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3 Questions to Christian Jambor


In 2018, FLOCERT has grown considerably. From a recruiting perspective, what did you find most exciting about this year?

CJ: The benefit of a fast-growing company is being able to bring in a new generation of highly motivated employees. As a recruiter, I’m often a candidates’ first point of contact and therefore the face of our company. It’s a heavy responsibility and a real pleasure to introduce people to the FLOCERT world. Pivotal to every hiring process is that FLOCERT and the candidate match.

We are looking for strong and dynamic people with a willingness to identify with our company goals and to grow with us.

Think of the most peculiar situation you have experienced so far in a job interview. Tell us about it!

CJ: Oh yes, I remember a funny situation: The candidate came in, we greeted each other, and without much further ado, the candidate handed me a consultant contract. He told me: “I might tell you things that could develop into a business idea or be of value to your company. Therefore, please sign this consultancy contract before we start.”

Each job interview is a lot like a first date: Gut instinct is important and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Meeting people remains the most exciting thing about my job.

Who is your hero and why?

CJ: First and foremost, my heroes are members of my family. My grandmother was a great role model in terms of bravery and happiness. My parents also – they taught me a lot and spent lots of quality time on me – that made us inseparable. In fact, I don’t have the one hero in the classical sense, but I do admire many people for their heroic deeds, statements, and ways of life.

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Christian Jambor is FLOCERT's Head of Human Resources. As a child he wanted to become a crane operator because of the great view from above.