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Podcast with Ana Maria Rubiano Prieto on one year of remote audits

30.03.2021 - BLOG

FLOCERT during COVID-19: 3 questions to Katharina Wagner

21.06.2021 - BLOG

New "Fairtrade Assurance Scheme - Rules and Guidelines" Manual

30.01.2023 - NEWS

Podcast with Chris Schmeling on Fairtrade flowers amid COVID-19

11.02.2021 - BLOG

Certification in numbers: Our audits 2020

18.06.2021 - BLOG

New Compliance Criteria as of 27 January, 2023

20.01.2023 - NEWS

Podcast with Bronwyn Page-Shipp on child labour

20.11.2020 - BLOG

FLOCERT’s Role: 3 questions to Jannis Bellinghausen

28.01.2021 - BLOG


19.01.2023 - NEWS

Fairtrace – using our digital platform for better compliance assurance

17.07.2020 - BLOG

Upcoming change to our certification fee

28.09.2022 - NEWS


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