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Change in FLOCERT Leadership: Interim CEO Andreas Jiménez


The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Andreas Jiménez as Interim CEO of FLOCERT, Fairtrade's single certifier. Andreas Jiménez, starting in mid-March, will lead FLOCERT during the transition to a permanent CEO. As of February 2020, Ruediger Meyer no longer serves as CEO of FLOCERT. Ruediger Meyer had been FLOCERT's CEO since 2003.

Mr. Jiménez's background includes more than 15 years of board and executive leadership in the agricultural and food sectors. A trained business economist, the 55-year old native German formerly worked as Managing Director for Lekkerland AG and Bio Partner Switzerland AG. In 2017, Andreas Jiménez was appointed the CEO of Max Havelaar Switzerland, a position he held until 2019. He is currently Chairman of the Board for GVZ-Rossat AG, a leading wholesale and service company for the agricultural sector, and for gebana AG, an alternative direct sales-, wholesale- and manufacturing company with value chains from family farmers to customers.

Commenting on his new role, the declared Fairtrade expert said: "I am honored to be elected by the Board to lead FLOCERT's talented team of executives and employees. I have always supported businesses with a social and environmental added value: FLOCERT's line of work fits like a glove."

Media contact: comms@flocert.net;  Sonja Eberle Jones, phone:  +49 172 1488546.

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