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EDGE Certification (en anglais)

With gender equality now high on the agenda, FLOCERT is helping an increasing number of companies become EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) certified.
Operating across many different countries and industries, EDGE Certification helps create fair and mutually beneficial workplaces for women and men.
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How EDGE certification works

EDGE Certification is a robust approach to analysing your company's status quo on gender equality and facilitating improvements to foster equal career opportunities. When you commission us to certify your organisation against the EDGE standard, we'll verify your self-assessment of the five areas of analysis: equal pay for equivalent work, recruitment and promotion, leadership development training and mentoring, flexible working and company culture. To this aim, one of our qualified auditors will visit you at your premises. Once any potential inconsistencies have been corrected, you will receive an official EDGE certificate.

Benefits of EDGE certification


Want to know more about the certification process? Contact us at business@flocert.net.



More Autres Standards ou Programmes

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