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If you feel that the world of Fair Trade has its very own language – don’t fret! We’ll keep you in the know!


With this glossary we’ll guide you through the common technical terms used by FLOCERT, Fairtrade International and the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).


Learn about the wor(l)ds of Fair Trade below!

Fairtrade marketing organization

A Fairtrade marketing organization is a national or regional organization normally created in a country where there is no National Fairtrade Organization. It is responsible for promoting awareness and support of the Fairtrade system and Fairtrade products within their country or region.

Fairtrade marketing organizations are similar to National Fairtrade Organizations, but are not full members of Fairtrade International. In countries or regions covered by Fairtrade marketing organizations, Fairtrade International licenses companies directly to use the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark.
Fairtrade marketing organizations handle the use of the Mark for third parties (journalists, campaigners, etc.) in their country or region.

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