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Coronavirus-related changes in operations

Dear Fairtrade certified customers,

COVID-19 continues to affect communities in 213 countries and territories around the world. Meanwhile, the pandemic plays out differently from country to country.

Update as of 1 September 

More producer audits may be conducted as remote audits and we have started collecting CODImpact data in remote audits.

As the situation slowly clears in some countries, we will start resuming onsite audits where possible. Guaranteeing the health, safety and smooth operations of the millions of farmers, producers and traders who continue to work through the pandemic remains FLOCERT’s top priority. We will therefore consider carefully where we can again conduct onsite audits without posing any health risk to our customers and their communities, or to our auditors and staff. The decision will be based on the local situation and regulations as well as auditors’ required travel routes. The main requirement will be that there are no travel restrictions within the region where our auditees and auditors are located. In order to assess restrictions, we will listen to the customer’s feedback. If there are no valid reasons not to conduct the audit, the usual auditing approach will apply.

FLOCERT’s remote audit approach, started on 23 March, continues

Where we cannot yet conduct onsite audits, we will continue with the remote audit methodology until further notice. We will continue to keep you up to date on any overall developments and our analysts will be in touch on an individual basis for any upcoming audits.

We have informed DAkkS about developing this approach and took  DAkkS guidelines into account when setting it up.
The approach will be audited by DAkkS  in our next scheduled audit late fall this year.
As always, we will answer any further questions you may have.

Best regards,

Sugumar Raman

FLOCERT Director of Operations


Tutorial for remote audits for Fairtrade traders 

Watch Tutorial for remote audits for Fairtrade traders on YouTube


Original post from 22.04.2020

From 23 March 2020 onwards, all physical audits were amended as for the following customer groups:

This crisis is unprecedented and has, as you know, an important impact on all our activities.

The current solution offered by FLOCERT is meant to provide an immediate relief to Fairtrade organisations. Our remote audit methodology hence is currently applicable only until 30 June and directed towards a small group of customers that have audits scheduled. FLOCERT currently does not offer any renewal audits or initial audits.

FLOCERT is also working on a longer term plan on how to best manage credibility concerns during the ongoing Corona pandemic.

We thank you for your understanding. We remain at your disposal for any clarifications.





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