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Cost Calculator

You would like to find out how much your certification might cost before you start your Fairtrade journey? You are in the right place! Our cost calculator will produce an estimate of your cost.*

The calculator will pose a few questions about your business and your organisational set-up and then you will be able to view your calculation and download a PDF document with your approximate certification cost. This transparent process also allows you to understand how we calculate certification costs.
In line with Fairtrade’s mission of supporting and empowering producers, FLOCERT’s fee structure aims at enabling farmers and workers in producer organisations to participate in Fairtrade, regardless of their location and size. FLOCERT applies an “all-in” fee model, with no extra charges for audits, travel or customer attendance.

*Please note: If you are in Belgium or the Netherlands, and are not a Fairtrade Minimum Price and / or Fairtrade Premium payer, you will need to contact your national Fairtrade organisation for certification costs.



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