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Whether you’re looking to become part of the Fairtrade movement, prove your commitment to gender equality or to ethical and responsible business practices, we can help. We  are still moving strong as Fairtrade’s certification body, and we can now also assess and verify your business against several other key voluntary standards.

Get started!

We understand that time and money is precious when you're at the helm of a business, so we collaborate with schemes and programs that share our goals and beliefs to offer you combined audits. A single audit, which checks compliance with both our own and our partners' standards, means we only have to visit you once, minimising disruption to your team and saving you money. Becoming certified against a major voluntary standard won't just bolster your reputation – it'll positively impact the way you do business. Take a look at our services, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to explore how we could accommodate your unique business needs.

How does Standard Assurance work?

Once you've decided to work with us, we'll start with a scope assessment to make sure the standard you've chosen is suitable for you. If this is the case we'll carry out an on-site audit to assess your company's compliance with the standard.

After the audit, we'll provide you with both an audit report and a closing meeting report. These will help you understand whether or not you're meeting the standards we're assessing you against and areas in which you need to improve. If we found non-conformities you will need to correct them in order to gain or retain your certification.

Once we can verify that your organisation is meeting the agreed certification standards, we'll award you a document of compliance and you'll be free to promote your business as a certified company.

Why seek Standard Assurance with FLOCERT?

  • Our objective, independent verification assures your end customers that your sustainability claims are true.
  • Your risk management processes are backed up with the reliable information we offer.
  • Our highly skilled auditors deliver audits of exceptional quality, based on many years of Fairtrade expertise.
  • We can audit your organisation against more than one standard in a single visit, minimising disruption to your workplace and keeping your costs low.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding our standard assurance options!

“We wanted an ETI Social Audit and decided on FLOCERT since we already had a very positive experience for the Fairtrade certification.”

Bernd Holder, Gebrüder Otto GmbH & Co.KG


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